Cookies Policy

1. Information

Like most websites, we have the ability to store and access cookies along with other technologies that involve our website visitor.

Cookies allow websites to store anonymous information, such as visitor preferences or previous visits to the site. This information does not identify visitors personally, but provides general data regarding computer settings, internet connections, IP addresses, practices, browsing time and location.

Visitors can at any time deactivate cookies in their browser using the instructions found on browser help files. Even in the case of exception, visitors will still receive ads, but these ads will no longer target their interests.

2. How we use cookies
When you visit our website, the following cookies might be activated:

• Performance Cookies
Performance cookies collect information about the way visitors use the specific website, e.g. what pages they tend to visit more often, when and where error messages appear etc. Therefore, this is about aggregated, anonymous information that does not identify the visitor and intends solely to improve website performance.
• Functionality Cookies
Functionality cookies allow websites to save visitor choices. For example user name, region, etc., in order to offer optimized functions. This is once again about anonymous information, which is not connected to monitoring visitor activity on other websites.
• Targeting Cookies
Targeting cookies are related to content presentation in line with visitor interests. They show or block targeted ads and offers, and are also associated with measuring the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

3. Legal notice review

We reserve the right to make any changes and partial adjustments to this legal statement. Please refer to the website at regular intervals for updates on our cookies policy and related information.


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