About Intercat S.A



INTERCAT S.A company was established in 1966 and is located in koropi Attikis, not far away from Athens and very near to the New international Airport ‘’Venizelos’’, in private space of 30 hectares with a plant of 12.000sq.m.

It possesses up-to-date mechanical equipment, sandblasting and electrostatic painting.It takes action in manufacturing all metallic components for cars, coaches, trucks, jeeps etc, as well as various types of seats for coaches, buses, trolley-buses, trains, ships etc.


Recently, after the installation of an up-to-date LASER cutting machine of high precision, the company also takes action in cutting various metals and materials such as sheet-metal, aluminium, stainless, plexy glass, plywood, mdf etc, in different patterns, with high fidelity and precision.

With this method of cutting, the manufacture of various precise components with low cost, high speed, quality of cutting surface, repeat-ability of dimensions and flexibility in changing dimensions, without the need for moulds constructions, is achieved.